When Wild Gardens go Feral

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In the garden
flowers unleash
a dangerous perfume

I could not help stopping
my wariness loosed

my tiredness crept up
freeing limbs
until I must lie down
head cradled
on moss

even the cat abandoned stalking
for sleep
caught in twining stems

the entangling grasses
petals fell
leaves covering us
save for a bit
of blue sky
in my eye

our breathing
slowed and slowed
and stopped.





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I have written many poems inspired either directly or indirectly by the moon’s graceful essence and have collected some of the very best to put in my first chapbook.

The moon has dominated the night sky since long before the advent of writing, or human self-consciousness. Nor is an awareness of her limited to humans. Wolves, coyotes, even dogs can share with you, in their long drawn-out vowels, how her cool light and mystery asserts its influence.

moon3Our awareness and speculations about the moon has only grown. She is beloved of poets and lovers, and has often been named a goddess in her own right. The simple fact that we have sent men to walk on her silvery skin has done nothing to restrict our appreciation of her seductive beauty.

I offer you “Moonlight”: a hand-made/hand-sewn limited first edition of 100 books, signed and numbered. In it I share with you my poetic response to its ancient romance and allure.

moon-2Each book will be personalized with the dedication of your choice.

Moonlight will be a welcome addition to your poetry collection, and with February just around the corner, can you think of a better, a more unique or romantic present to offer your love on this Valentine’s Day?

I am confident that you will enjoy “Moonlight” and I thank you for your support of my poetry.

When you purchase the book on paypal there is a line that says: “Please put in your dedication” with an “Add” link next to it. Click the “Add” link to input the dedication you would like me to write for you.

Price: $15.00 Cdn. – $4.50 shipping.

Poems printed by Vine Leaves Literary Journal

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True Recycler

She was out collecting tin
to put
in her assorted bags

& looked at me
with my own eyes.

copyright – 06-2013 Bauke Kamstra

My Shirt

My shirt
blowing down the road
arms waving impulsively.

copyright – 06-2013 Bauke Kamstra

Bound Bone*

A flute made
from the arm of a man
chased & bound with silver

each note
a year of his life
played out.

copyright – 06-2013 Bauke Kamstra

*”Bound Bone” was accepted into “The Best of Vine Leaves Literary Journal 2013.”

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She Loves the Smooth Boys – Open Link Night ~ Week 69

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She loves the smooth boys
not the rough
the rough she binds
in chains of conscience
their frustration gleaming red
as they press against the bars
furious at the loss of their violence
enraged by the helplessness
they sought in the eyes of others.

She loves the smooth boys
whose lust remains leashed
in the graceful curve of lashes
laid on their cheeks
her touch quivers their flesh
sweet mouths pursed with their moans
she climbs the smoothness
and slides gleefully
into their embrace.

copyright – 07-10-2012 Bauke Kamstra

Open Link Night ~ Week 69 ~ http://tinyurl.com/ayrbwdf

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Wings – #openlinknight – Week 63

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I heard a song and thought
this must come from heaven
it was so sweet
the angels let loose
those heavenly dogs
their feathers like knives of bronze
draw lines gentle on my skin
holy signs brailled and braised
inked with blood.

A sanctified night bristled
with sleeping crows
only the owls wondering who
I knew with the knowledge
that escapes the words
rising angel-winged steps bore me up
sounding carillon bells cleaved
the roughened air
up that celestial stair
their cool regard shivered me.

I climbed right back into the world
the same night beating
itself on the ground
looking a little ragged
from the wear and tear
still, the sweet song stayed me
the angels quietly arrayed.

One moved to me
like a wind moves a storm
and O God, she was beautiful
they all were, of course, like a uniform
but the eyes, her gaze speared me,
the glow within the skin enticed
and dangled by that hook
everything was crowded out
there was nothing like that
the frequency is too high.

I felt her hands
the soft sharp hands
gripped me like a pen
writ me back onto the world
the wisdom seeping in
I could not say
what she spoke with her eyes
but I knew it.

The light arose
the night dispelled
and all the crows made a black clatter
against the sky.

As the owls slept unanswered,
weeping, so did I.


21-09-2012 – copyright 2012 Bauke Kamstra

Wings – #openlinknight – Week 63 – www.dverse.com
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